About the Artists J&B



I am an artist,  jewelry designer and founder of JB Expressions and as you guessed - the "J" in JB.  

My inspirations come from personal surroundings - my family, nature (the bird and the bees and butterflies), my porcelain figurines, and the landscaping surrounding the Hill Country setting where I live.  

My artistic abilities began at an early age where I started painting using acrylic and pen and ink.  Through the years, my mediums have changed to watercolor and "testing the water" with oil paints. 

I excelled in art while attending college and graduated with a Business Studies degree and a MBA.  

I love bold and colorful art as well as elegant and timeless designs.  My creative abilities and attention to detail can be seen in each piece of  jewelry I create. 

For me, creating art is all about self-expression.  Everything I create has meaning to me and brings joy to my life.  My goal is to bring joy to my clients through my artistic creations.



I am a jewelry designer and founder of JB Expressions and the better half - the "B" in JB Expressions.

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Love , Barb