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Who We Are

First and foremost - we are sisters.  Just plain everyday sisters sharing that undeniable unbreakable bond.

Although born 5 years apart, we share the month of February as our birth month.  We love the color purple, which just so happens to be the color of our birthstone, Amethyst.

We have similar tastes, and similar personalities.  We both have a creative side...thus, enjoy creating.  We strive to achieve uniqueness as our main objective, strive for perfection and fully enjoy what we do.  For us, if something is worth doing then it is worth taking the time to do it the right we create at a slow steady pace while paying close attention to the little details.

Most importantly, we value relationships...whether it is the bond we share with our families and friends or the people we come into contact with each day.

So, why JB Expressions?

JB Expressions was formed because of our similarities, love for creativity and the desire to make something that would enrich the lives of "everyday sisters." 

About the Artists



Jenn's inspirations come from the beauty of nature and its profound effect upon our senses.  Her creations reflect the serenity found in colorful lush landscapes and the tranquility associated with deep blue crystal clear waters.  Her designs sometimes blend her artistic talents with her love for butterflies.  She sees butterflies as tiny flying gems because of their beautifully colored unique patterned wings.  

"I believe butterflies are a deep representation of life as they symbolize life struggles, endurance, and new beginnings."

Jenn incorporates gemstones into her designs because they too are "earth's jewels"  and like the butterfly,  go through a life cycle of change.

Jenn's love for creating art began at a very early age.  She was inspired by her father's artistic talent to transform an old piece of furniture into something new and beautiful.  She loves creating whether expressed in the form of jewelry, rosaries or a watercolor painting.  She understands that any form of art was meant to transcend the soul - not because of its appearance, but instead because of how it makes you feel. 



  My inspirations come from my home life.  As a child, I loved bright colors.  I am the youngest of the family and my mom would sew all our clothes. I am the youngest of the family and would love watching my sisters coordinate their outfits/jewelry when going out. When they decided to get married my mom, sisters and I went shopping for heavy satin and beautiful lace appliques. Once the dress was finished, she would add the lace to the dresses and the veil. My part came helping her to add sequins, seed beads and pearls to the dresses. Hard work but the outcome was gorgeous and out came my creativity and love for handmade one of a kind creation’s. With my dad, when he was overseas in the army, he made airplanes out of scrap metal and jewelry for my mom for when he came home. I guess you can say this is where I got started with beading. I sequined and beaded my heart away on blue jean jackets, pillows and my daughter’s ballroom dresses.