Jewelry Design

Each piece is individually designed and will not only inspire you, they will transform you. Our jewelry artists  may express their design in a bold and colorful manner, or minimalist style.  We can also turn your "vision" into a work of art by creating a custom piece specifically for you.

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Repair and Revitilization

Let us bring your precious keepsake or favorite piece back to life!  Generally the cost of repair is less than $20 for a necklace and $15 for a bracelet.  Prices will vary depending on the length of the necklace, size of the beads, and parts replaced (or added).


Classes and Parties

Learn the art of beading by taking our "Introduction to Beading" class!


For those of you who love chains, we also offer "Chainmailling for Beginners!" $30  

All classes have limited availability.  Tools and supplies are included.


Create a bracelet or necklace.

$15 per child with a minimum of 6 children.

Materials included*

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Other Works of Art


Original and One-of-a Kind Paintings

Coming soon - watercolor and oil paintings